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July 2015

Mid-State Soccer Club is thrilled to announce a partnership with Seneca Soccer.  This fall, Seneca Soccer and Mid-State will pilot a joint U11 travel team.  "This partnership will allow sharing of resources and training methods that will benefit all players involved by providing additional opportunities for these players.  The partnership fits nicely with Mid-State Soccer Club's goal of player development and improving soccer in the region.  We are very excited about the new partnership with Seneca Soccer,” comments Mid-State Soccer Club’s president, Mike Walton.   “We have seen merges or partnerships between clubs in several areas around the state of West Virginia.  Many clubs are realizing that a regional approach to travel soccer is best for our players.  This is our opportunity to ensure we can field teams as our players get older and larger rosters are needed,” notes Seneca Soccer representative, Heather Croson. 

Glasgow Rangers has formed a partnership with the Buckhannon, West Virginia based soccer organization Mid-State Soccer Club. 


The partnership will see the Rangers North American Academy hosting a series of Elite Player ID events with MSSC.  Glasgow Rangers will send Academy staff members over to work with MSSC players at these events. The best male and female players at these events will be invited to attend the Rangers National Camp.  The National Camp will host the top players from each of our partner clubs in North America.  From the National Camp, the top players will be invited to attend the Elite Player Tour at our Academy in Glasgow, Scotland.   

Global Image Sports and Glasgow Rangers are very impressed with Mid-State Soccer Club, and are excited about a long and successful partnership.



Mid-State Policies

The Board of Directors of Mid-State Soccer is constantly evaluating our policies and procedures. We also try to pay close attention to the ways other successful clubs operate. 

Please read the information below very carefully and thoroughly.

1. PARENT/PLAYER HANDBOOK: This document may be found on our website (www.midstatesoccerclub.com) and should be read carefully by parents and players. The last page of this handbook is a signature page that must be completed for each player once each soccer year at the time of registration.

2. UNIFORMS: The uniform policy is explained fully in the Player/Parent Handbook so will only be outlined here. Uniforms are to be ordered from Soccer.com - each player will order his/her uniform directly from the supplier. The uniform will consist of 2 jerseys, one pair of shorts, and one pair of socks. Additional items may be ordered but will not be required. We do not plan to change the uniform style or colors unless they are discontinued by Nike. Therefore a player may keep and use that same uniform as long as it fits and is in appropriate playing condition. You will not have to buy a new uniform for each season. Players will be able to request a specific number, as long as it doesn't create a numbering conflict.

3. SEASONAL ALIGNMENT/DESIGNATION: In the past, Mid-State's winter indoor season and spring season have been considered separate seasons. What we have noticed is that starting spring preparation in March is too late to allow our teams to adequately prepare for WV State League Play, which typically starts in mid-March. We feel that our greatest obligation is to the players who are committed to playing soccer throughout the year. Accordingly, we will still offer indoor training but our main focus will be on preparation for the spring season. The winter season will begin as soon as feasible after the high school soccer season ends. In addition to the indoor tournaments, we hope to add one or two early-season outdoor tournaments in late February or early March. The fee schedule will be set for the full winter plus spring season, and will be due in installments. Indoor-only players and spring-only players will be accepted as space permits, and their fees will be adjusted accordingly.